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Seize the Opportunity: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Bid on Federal Contracts

I wanted to share some important insights about the federal contracting landscape that I believe will be valuable for your business.

The Value of Q3 and Q4 Federal Contracting
According to data from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), the third and fourth quarters of the fiscal year consistently account for the highest volume and value of federal contract awards. Indicating that the final two quarters of the year present a significant opportunity for contractors.

Increased Demand for 8(a) and Set-Aside Contracts
The Biden administration has made a concerted effort, through an Executive Order (EO) to increase contracting with small, disadvantaged, and minority-owned businesses. Data from the SBA shows that 8(a) and other set-aside contracts made up 30% of all federal contract awards in FY 2023, up from 26% in FY 2019.

This increase means that 8(a) firms, other small businesses with set-aside certifications, and small businesses in general, are in high demand. Agencies are actively seeking to meet their small business contracting goals.

Act Now
Now is an excellent time to capitalize on the Q3 & upcoming Q4 opportunities.  

Use the following five tips to ensure you’re ready to aim, fire, and bid:

1. Make sure your SAM profile is current, active, and public
2. Review your capabilities, update your cap statements if needed
3. Check SAM for announcements relevant to your business
4. Follow SAM notifications for success
5. Prepare your bids and proposal

Questions - Please let me know if you have any questions or how I can support your federal contracting efforts. Let’s grow together!

Wishing you success in your bidding endeavors!

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